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TikTok Marketing Agency

TikTok has become an extremely popular social media platform that people use to watch short, fun and trending video clips. Influencers on TikTok use the platform to promote their content and businesses, and the majority of this is done through TikTok advertising. Rise By Digital is an experienced TikTok marketing agency that can help businesses get started using TikTok to advertise their products/services.


As the amount of downloads of TikTok rises, so does the amount of brands that use TikTok to advertise. Like other social media platforms, it has become popular for brands to collaborate with TikTok creators as it leaves the effort of production up to the creator. A common creator trend is unboxing videos that are also known as hauls. Instead of brands paying the creator to advertise their products directly, they send the creators free items or services to showcase to their followers on TikTok.

Different Types Of TikTok Advertising:

Top View Advertising

Top view advertising is probably the advertising you may see the most on TikTok, this is because it appears at the very top of a user’s feed. This is a useful way for businesses to create attention grabbing brand awareness for certain campaigns or products. Top View advertising has a 67% higher sales effectiveness than the other advertising types according to TikTok.

In-feed Advertising

In-feed advertising is TikTok’s standard ad format which allows you to embed your video into your target audiences ‘For You Page’. This gives users the opportunity to like, follow, comment, share and use the same TikTok sound in their own videos. In-feed ads all feature a CTA button that can be used to drive traffic to an external page, app downloads or to your business’s TikTok account.

Branded Hashtag Advertising

Branded hashtag challenge is a type of advertising exclusive to TikTok. This gives users the ability to create videos using your hashtags which helps to tap in with the user’s passion for creation and expression. It goes beyond a click and creates engagement and brand awareness for the business.

Branded Effect Advertising

Another way to get users to interact and get creative with your advertising is branded effect advertising. Brands are able to create branded effects, stickers and filters for users to use within their own content. Similar to branded hashtag challenges this goes beyond a click and actively gets users involved which creates much higher levels of engagement.

Spark Advertising

Spark advertising is similar to boosting posts on other platforms and allows advertisers to grasp organic content and user-generated content in their advertising. By putting an advertising budget behind your own organic content, or user-generated content that they have approved, you can create post engagement to the original post which can have a positive impact on other organic posts engagements.

Promote Advertising

TikTok promotion is an advertising tool that helps more people discover your videos, direct more people to your website and gain more followers. You can access the promotion tool from Creator Tools, from the Business Suite or directly from a TikTok video. Once a promotion has been created you will be able to track basic information such as:

How we can help

Since 2017, Rise By Digital has been specialising in digital marketing efforts such as Social Ad Management, Social Media, SEO and Website Design and Development. If you know exactly what direction you would like to move your business in or you’re just looking for some friendly advice, then please feel free to get in touch with a member of our marketing team today.


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