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Stage one of every SEO campaign is to find out where you currently stand.  An SEO Audit is a scan of your website in order to reveal your current standings, and what could be improved.

What Is An SEO Audit?

To understand how to reach and attain your business goals, you first need to know where you currently stand. A website SEO audit involves assessing which pages or aspects of your website are working – and what isn’t – so that you can make relevant amends to the website, all in the name of attaining a more favourable ranking across Google’s search engine. 


Generally, SEO Audits will provide you with a checklist of on-site issues that can be turned into actionable processes for optimisation. For example, revealing any missing or broken links across the site, missing meta tags and descriptions (short excerpts that appear under your website in search engines results pages) and many more. With auditing software such as Agency Analytics or Ahrefs, this data is then collated into a report and overall score.

How will an Audit help?

SEO Audits are great for giving you an idea of what can be improved across your website in order to help you rank. Realistically, it is the crucial first step in any SEO campaign, as it gives you an actionable implementation plan that will have measurable results.

The purpose of any audit is to identify as many foundational issues as possible that might be affecting your websites ability to appear at the higher end of search engine results pages.

SEO Audits We Provide

We provide a range of search engine optimisation (SEO) audits depending on your overall requirements and preference. Below we have outlined the various types of SEO audits we are able to provide for your review and consideration:

Baseline Technical Audits

A baseline SEO audit is a fairly quick audit which is carried out to identify any potential SEO and performance issues related to your website and content. This is great if you are looking for an audit with a quick turnaround in order to allow you to benchmark your performance and content issues. 

Site Development Audits

During the development phase of any new website it’s paramount to keep SEO in mind throughout the duration of the project. Our site development audits assist with the development of newly built websites or websites currently in development in order to actively benchmark and identify any performance or content related issues which may be present during the development process. 

In-depth SEO Audits

An in-depth SEO audit is a more thorough and complex audit which doesn’t just look into the performance of your website and content but also the digital presence of your business, as a whole. This is a great way to benchmark your website and business in order to identify key opportunities and areas for improvements from a digital marketing perspective which you may not have previously considered.

Competitor SEO Audits

Our competitor SEO audits are perfect for scoping out your competition whilst identifying what your direct competitors are doing from a digital marketing perspective. Our competitor audits compare and benchmark a wide range of SEO metrics against your own website providing you with a direct comparison, which will allow you to identify opportunities based on your competitors weaknesses and strengths.

An SEO Agency You Can Trust

At Rise By Digital, everything we do is founded on trust and transparency. So, not only do we offer a dedicated account manager for each of our clients,  we also provide access to a live dashboard. 


Offering a hub for all of the website data you need to see, your dashboard will let you know exactly what work has been completed and what impact it has had. To find out more about our SEO services, feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly consultants.

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