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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Tariffs Compared

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Tariffs Compared

The UK energy market has experienced a substantial expansion in the number of suppliers in recent years, as the demand for sustainable and cost-effective energy sources increases. Octopus Energy has emerged as a frontrunner in this competitive landscape, attracting customers with its innovative approach to energy provision. 


With electric vehicles (EVs) gaining traction as a viable alternative to traditional petrol and diesel cars, consumers are eager to understand which energy supplier offers the best bang for their buck when it comes to charging their vehicles.


In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into a comparison of Octopus Energy and other major UK suppliers, examining the cost of EV charging, as well as the differences in day and night rates.

Cost of EV Charging: Octopus Energy vs Major UK Suppliers

To ensure a fair and accurate comparison, we will analyse the cost of charging an EV with a battery capacity of 60kWh (a standard size for most electric cars) from completely depleted to fully charged, using a 7kW home charger. This assessment will enable us to determine the cost of charging per kilowatt-hour (kWh) and compare Octopus Energy’s rates to those of other prominent UK suppliers.

Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy provides a dedicated EV tariff known as “Octopus Go”, explicitly tailored for electric vehicle owners. This plan offers an attractively priced off-peak rate of 5p/kWh between 00:30 and 04:30, while the cost during other periods is approximately 14p/kWh. Charging a 60kWh EV during off-peak hours would set you back a mere £3 (60 kWh x 5p); in contrast, peak-hour charging would amount to around £8.40 (60 kWh x 14p).

British Gas

British Gas has developed an EV tariff named “Electric Drivers Energy Plan”, featuring an off-peak rate of 4.7p/kWh for a 4-hour period each night (the exact hours vary by region). Outside of this window, the price per kWh jumps to around 18p. Charging a 60kWh EV during off-peak hours would cost £2.82 (60 kWh x 4.7p), whereas peak-hour charging would come to approximately £10.80 (60 kWh x 18p).

EDF Energy

EDF Energy offers the “GoElectric” tariff, specifically designed for electric vehicle owners. This plan includes an off-peak rate of 4.5p/kWh for a generous 10-hour window every night (between 21:00 and 07:00). During peak hours, the rate climbs to around 16p/kWh. Charging a 60kWh EV during off-peak hours would cost £2.70 (60 kWh x 4.5p), while charging during peak hours would be around £9.60 (60 kWh x 16p).


SSE’s EV tariff, dubbed “1 Year Fix and Drive”, features a £40 annual credit for EV owners. The cost per kWh remains consistent at approximately 16p throughout the day, without any specific off-peak rate for EV charging. Consequently, charging a 60kWh EV with SSE would cost around £9.60 (60 kWh x 16p), regardless of the time of day.

Day/Night Rate Comparison

Comparing the day and night rates of these major UK suppliers highlights the competitive off-peak rates for EV charging offered by Octopus Energy, British Gas, and EDF Energy. SSE, in contrast, lacks a designated off-peak rate, rendering it a less enticing option for EV owners. 

The table below summarises the day and night rates for each supplier, providing a clear visual representation of the differences between them:

Day/Night Rate Comparison

SupplierDay Rate (p/kWh)Night Rate (p/kWh)Standing ChargeOff-Peak HoursExit FeeMore Details
Octopus Go Intelligence29.78p7p per KWh48.66p per day00:30 - 04:30No Exit FeesMore Info
British Gas29.88p9.95p per KWh47.621p per day4-hour period (night)£75.00 - £200 per fuelMore Info
EDF Energy32.82p13.40p per kWh50.67p per day21:00 - 07:00£75.00More Info
SSE35.8719.19p per kWh19.19 per dayNo specific off-peak£75.00More Info

*Please note the above figures may vary between your region. these rates may be subject to change. To get a more accurate representation of the rates for your area, we recommend checking the respective supplier websites for up-to-date pricing information.

In conclusion, as the UK energy market continues to evolve, Octopus Energy stands out as a leading supplier offering competitive rates and innovative solutions for electric vehicle owners. With its dedicated Octopus Go tariff, Octopus Energy provides an attractive off-peak rate that makes EV charging more affordable and environmentally friendly.

Our comprehensive comparison demonstrates that Octopus Energy, along with British Gas and EDF Energy, offers a more appealing choice for EV owners compared to suppliers like SSE, which lacks a specific off-peak rate.


Now is the perfect time to make the switch to Octopus Energy and experience the benefits of their cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions. As an added incentive, you can Receive £50 Free when you switch to Octopus Energy by using our unique referral link.


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