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Instantly turn your website into a lead generation machine through effective and measurable Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search advertising. Our proven paid marketing strategies focus heavily on conversions and lead quality to ensure the best possible ROI.

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Pay-Per-Click (also referred to as PPC) has an instant impact and gives your business and brand a much larger reach through targeting people when they search-relevant keywords related to your business.

Pay-Per-Click can significantly improve your business exposure online as a result of being present on the first page of search engine results across major platforms such as Google & Bing when people are searching for a business similar to yours. For this reason, Pay-Per-Click advertising is a highly measurable and effective method of increasing relevant and high quality leads for your business.

In addition to this, our Google certified team members use tried and tested paid media strategies to ensure that we are always working towards your ROI goals and overall objectives.

Pay-Per-Click MAnagement

Paid Search Ads

Paid search ads are an excellent way of improving the number of visitors your website gets by ensuring it is on the first page of search engines such as Google and Bing when prospective visitors google key words relevant to your business.
Google Shopping is a fantastic way to visually showcase your products across the Google shopping network. By comparing prices and ads between vendors, potential customers get the opportunity to see why your product is the one to go for.
Remarketing is one of the best ways to showcase your services and products, whilst bringing potential customers back into the conversion funnel. By intuitively serving ads to consumers who have already visited and interacted with your website.

Live Dashboard

Our Live Dashboard grants you the capacity to oversee key analytical data from your PPC campaigns instantaneously, presented in an accessible, centralised dashboard for your convenience.


The real-time dashboard seamlessly integrates with all predominant marketing platforms, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Mailchimp, and Google My Business, among others. By amalgamating data from diverse sources, we furnish a comprehensive 360-degree perspective of your marketing endeavours and, crucially, your progress.


Additionally, we provide easy to understand, yet comprehensive monthly progress reports that provide a full synopsis of your overall progress, complete with a comparative analysis to the preceding period, offering you an ongoing insight into your overarching marketing performance.

why choose Rise By Digital to manage your google ads?

website performance auditing

Free PPC account Audit/Review

If you currently use a PPC agency, we will provide a free basic audit to help you understand what areas of your campaigns work well and what areas need a little help to improve.


Dedicated PPC Manager

We firmly believe you should communicate with the person carrying out the work for your business. When you start working with us you’ll be allocated a dedicated PPC Manager who will be your primary point of contact.


Cost-Effective Pricing

We offer straightforward pricing options including fixed fee. We don’t change your budget without your approval and we never ask you to spend more on ads than you’re comfortable spending.

Flexible Agreements

We don’t tie our clients into to long term contracts, ever. We work hard to ensure that you’re so happy with your Google Ads performance, you never want to cancel.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

We configure analytics and conversion tracking to ensure that every call, email and sale that you receive is tracked to ensure you know exactly what ROI you get from your Google Ads campaigns.

Daily Account Optimisation

We don’t just put your campaigns on auto-pilot. Our management service provide daily optimisation of your Ad campaigns to ensure they are continually meeting industry expectations and your goals.

Conversion Tracking

We configure analytics and conversion tracking to ensure that every call, email and sale that you receive is tracked to ensure you know exactly what ROI you get from your Paid Media campaigns.


Realtime Progress Reporting

Alongside monthly reports we offer a real-time analytical dashboard which you can access 24/7 to view data pulled directly from Google Ads, Facebook Ads and various other paid media platforms.

Research. Run. Review.

Regardless of the industry you operate within, our experienced paid marketing team at Rise By Digital can tailor a comprehensive paid marketing plan which works for you and your business objectives.


Through ongoing and continual conversion rate optimisation (CRO) of your paid media accounts, we are able to significantly increase the performance of your paid media campaigns. Best of all, paid marketing is highly effective and scalable, allowing you to increase and decrease your paid marketing budget as and when required.


Get in touch with our team today for a paid media forecast report of your expected ROI as well as a full breakdown of our management fees, based on your overall monthly paid marketing budget.

It's good to talk.

Book a call with us to see if our paid PPC management consultancy services are right for you.

The Nitty Gritty

To help you get more insight into what we do as part of our PPC Management service, we’ve put together some of our most frequently asked questions.

To put it simply, if we foresee that we can amplify the effectiveness of your results, we’ll communicate this to you. Otherwise, our recommendation would be for you to maintain your association with your present PPC provider. Let’s be clear, it’s impossible for anyone to guarantee with absolute certainty how your ads will perform or the revenue they will generate, just as a bookmaker can’t pinpoint the exact winner of Grand National unless they possess clairvoyant skills.


A variety of factors come into play when examining the success of any PPC campaign, ranging from the appeal of your website and the demand for your products or services, to your pricing strategy and the potency of your overall marketing strategy.


However, what we can unequivocally pledge to you is our commitment to the quality of our data, our candid feedback on your current PPC campaigns, and our critical evaluation of their potential for success. Think of it like a bookie who, while unable to guarantee race results with 100% certainty, uses historical data, prevailing competitors, and race conditions to derive likely outcomes.


In simpler terms, if we predict we can boost your current results, we’ll explain it to you – the reasons and the methods. But if we feel we won’t be able to get better results, we’ll advise you to stay with your present PPC provider.

Our goal is to onboard you and to get your PPC campaigns performing as quickly as possible whilst ensuring the campaigns themselves are well-thought and planned in line with best practice.


Our streamlined process is efficient and works very well. Here’s how it works:

As soon as the necessary legal documents are dealt with, you’ll be introduced to your dedicated PPC manager, whose first task is to fully understand your business inside out. They will seek to understand your objectives and gather all necessary details to start setting up your account.


The initial phase, including these processes, typically spans about two weeks. In this period, we will:

  • Collect all the relevant data that could influence your PPC campaigns.
  • Carry out research across your competitors, sector and target audience.
  • Conduct rigorous checks and establish the needed tracking systems for reporting and cost analysis.
  • Formulate our suggestions and initiate the construction of your campaigns, pending your approval and final sign-off.

Your dedicated Account Manager will be carefully monitoring you campaigns on a daily basis as part of your management service alongside providing you with a monthly progress report with a full comparison of the previous period. Furthermore, they will maintain regular communication with you (the frequency is dependent on your service level) in order to keep you informed about the progress and performance of your PPC activities.

Every service level we offer comes with an allotted minimum number of hours devoted specifically to each client’s account. We ensure that we dedicate adequate time to pay attention to every minor detail.


We are committed to delivering results, even if it means spending more time than initially allocated. Changes to your service level would only arise if there’s a substantial alteration in the scope of work. Regardless of the tier, the quality of service we provide remains constant.


The main distinguishing factor between tiers is the amount of time assigned to the management of your accounts which primarily comes down to the overall monthly ad spend.

Managing each PPC account involves numerous specific daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Describing these in detail would be the equivalent to writing ‘Moby Dick’. Each client has unique needs, goals, and campaign-specific variables. Simply put, we employ every tool at our disposal to extract optimal value and performance from your PPC campaigns.


Trust is key, of course, and we strive to earn yours. All of our tasks are recorded and well-documented, making it easy for you to review our efforts on your behalf. For instance, advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads keep a comprehensive log of all modifications made to your account.


In the interest of transparency, you’re welcome to examine this and see what we’re focusing on. We doubt many other agencies would be this open with their clients! Our routine client briefings and reports also keep you abreast of our activities, along with our suggestions for ongoing adjustments to your campaigns.


Ultimately, our performance speaks volumes. When our clients see significant enhancements to their primary KPIs as a direct result of our efforts, they rarely inquire about our specific activities.

Monthly retainer:

We implement a structured monthly retainer system for our PPC Management services. Once we have accomplished your Client Suitability Assessment (CSA) discussion, as well as a PPC review if needed, we’ll designate a service level Tier for you. This tier will specify your monthly fixed fee and all the corresponding services.

Campaign start-up fees:

Setting up a new account involves a lot of initial groundwork, from extensive research, data accumulation, to fine tuning campaign settings. We administer a fee for the setup which encloses all initial work, mostly done within the first fortnight. This initiation includes the following deliverables:

  • An introductory call with all necessary participants from your team, our Managing Director, and your dedicated PPC Manager.
  • Setting up complete conversion tracking, typically using Google Tag Manager, to monitor all potential conversions via Google Ads. If conversion tracking is already in place, we will scrutinise it thoroughly, rectifying any errors if found.
  • Gaining access to all relevant platforms pertinent to our work for you such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Merchant Centre, Google Tag Manager, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, or your website’s CMS.
  • Acting on all the ‘quick win’ changes in your PPC accounts as noted in your inspection or during this initiation period.
  • Crafting the initial campaign sets (including complete campaign structure and Ad copy) for lower tiered accounts, or providing a comprehensive strategy outline for our first month’s work for higher-tiered clients if we can’t build the new campaigns within this time frame, or if it’s not recommended.

Setup fees are communicated and discussed with you at the beginning of our collaboration.

It's good to talk.

Book a call with us to see if our paid PPC management consultancy services are right for you.

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Adam Coley

Adam Coley

Marketing Manager

“We are passionate about providing the highest level of customer service and ROI and we will always go over and beyond to ensure our client’s expectations are consistently and continually met. If you still have questions about our services or how we work, feel free to get in contact with us today.”

Your Project Overview

Tell Us About Your Project

Adam Coley

Adam Coley

Marketing Manager

“We are passionate about providing the highest level of customer service and ROI and we will always go over and beyond to ensure our client’s expectations are consistently and continually met. If you still have questions about our services or how we work, feel free to get in contact with us today.”

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